Beautiful Aquamarine the March birthstone

Posted on March 07 2015


Aquamarine was one of the first stones I fell for.  I was young at the time and it was one of the first real stones I wore.  While it wasn't the last stone I fell for, I love them all, it holds a special place in my heart and I still have that tiny little "water blue" stone set between gold prongs and hanging from a delicate chain.  This makes me a little jealous of the March birthday folks who are lucky enough to have such a gorgeous birthstone.   It is a great stone not only for it's beauty but it is said to bring peace & serenity to the wearer and why not have more of that!  Aquamarine is one of the stones with the blue color connected with the 5th or throat chakra.  The 5th chakra is called "vishuddah" in Sanskrit.  This chakra is connected with our ability to express ourselves, to speak our truth and brings creativity.  If you are in need of strengthening any of these areas this is a great stone to wear.  Think about wearing aquamarine during your yoga practice and setting your intention on opening this chakra and see what transpires.

Happy Birthday Aquamarine babies!

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