What is Izuly?

Izuly founder Lyn Pompeo started making jewelry and practicing yoga around the same time.  It took a few years for the two worlds to collide into one and Izuly Jewelry was born.  At Izuly our designs are created with the power and energy of the gemstones in mind.  We add lapis for friendship and truth, peridot for light and beauty or tourmaline for joy and happiness.  The natural beauty of the gemstones shines through in designs combining metals, leather and silk to create wearable designs that are reasonably priced.  While we believe in the energy of the stones themselves Izuly also believes strongly in the intention behind it.  This makes our designs wonderful gifts for healing, growth and happiness. 

All Izuly Jewelry is designed and created in Lyn's "treehouse" studio.  The studio is nestled amongst the trees and leaves where her two dogs are often found romping about.  It is a heavenly place to create Izuly's natural and healing gemstone jewelry.